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Top 20 Selling Weed Pipes

cigarette one hitter 1.) Stealth Metal Cigarette Pipes. Item is just under 3". Same size as normal cigarette, so you can put it in your pack, use in a dugout, or use by itself. Also comes in smaller size.
cheap glass pipes 2.) Small 2.5"-3" Cheap Glass Pipes, Heavy Duty Hand Blown Glass with Assorted Colors and Styles. Fits easily in your pocket.
sneak a toke 3.) Colored Metal Sneak a Toke Pipes. Comes in Solid or Diamond Cut Designs with Rubber Mouth Piece, 2" size.
cheap glass pipes 4.) Ceramic Glass One Hitter Pipes. Same size as normal cigarette, Comes in large or small size. Made out of ceramic if you prefer over metal or glass.
cheap pipe 5.) Cheap Metal Weed Pipes available in brass or chrome and assorted sleeve colors. 2.75"
screw pipe 6.) Stealth Screw Pipe. Item looks like a normal 2.25" nut n bolt but can convert into a 3 Piece Pipe with bowl and mouth piece.
lipstick pipe 7.) Stealth Lip Stick Pipe. 2.75" Closed in Plastic Class, Metal Pipe is enclosed and comes in assorted colors. A stoner girls secret accessory.
mini bubbler 8.) Mini Bubbler 3.5"-4" Inside Out Heavy Duty Glass. You can add water for cooling effect or use as normal glass pipe.
acrylic waterpipe 9.) Acrylic Water Pipes 12" in Size. Has a Carb on side and comes in assorted colors and designs. Add Ice Cubes for best cooling effect while smoking.
metal chamber pipes 10.) Small Metal Chamber Pipe about 2". Chamber Pipes allow you store weed inside the stem and while you smoke the weed will resignate. All pieces unscrew for cleaning.
glass one hitter 11.) Glass One Hitter Pipes. One of my favorite way to smoke some kind bud. Same size as cigarette pipe, and can use inside of dugout.
zepplin pipe 12.) Zepplin Pipe. 3.75
cigarette rolling machine 13.) Cigarette Rolling Machine width up to 1.25" size rolling papers.
glass chillum 14.) Hand Blown Glass Chillums 3"-4" Heavy Duty Glass. Small enough for pocket and travel use while still enjoying using glass to smoke.
car lighter pipe 15.) Stealth 1.5" Metal Car Lighter Pipe. Hidden bowl that unscrews.
metal sneak-a-tokes 16.) Metal Chamber Straight Pot Pipes. Use Chambers and Cap to Store Weed.
metal pipe 17.) Diamond Cut Metal Pipe with Cap. Basic hand pipe with etching on sleeve.
wood pipe 18.) Multi-Colored Wood Pipes with a twist lid and plastic mouth piece 3.25".
glass pipes 19.) High Quality Mixed Size 4"-5" Hand Blown Glass Pipes.
cheap digital scale 20.) Weigh Max Scale 650grams x 0.1gram Digital Scale.




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